Our Difference

Time controls our lives, whether it be for work or events, time is a part of who we are. In 2019 some may think a watch is an outdated item no longer needed in society; however, at John Philips, we believe this couldn’t be further from the truth. A watch, at its most basic function, tells us the time, but at its full potential can change an entire look and add the necessary final touch to your next outfit. Purchasing a watch is an investment in yourself and assists in the statement you want to make to the world when you step out your door.





Providing a classic watch with a touch of elegance

Leather was first used with timepieces in the late 1800s and has since been handcrafted to ensure the utmost comfort and style for its wearer. The beauty of the John Philips genuine Italian leather strap is found within the subtle grain texture of the material and combined with a clean, non-stitching look. This decision has provided our watches with an elegant, silky finish, complimenting the stainless-steel body.

Creating the sleek finish on the stainless-steel body is Physical Vapour Deposition technology, providing a brilliant decorative finish without the threat of chips or fading. John Philips watches balance the classic leather and new stainless-steel watch body into a cleverly crafted, timeless watch piece, ensuring a standout addition to your next look.

Affordable durability

You don’t need to take out a loan to enjoy the look and feel of luxury with John Philips. Our watches undergo rigorous testing to ensure they’re on par with the most exclusive brands and meet international quality standards. Why pay more for less when John Philips offers the most elegant quality watches at an affordable price?
We are so confident with the quality of our watches that a 5 Year Warranty backs each timepiece. We believe our watches can stand the test of time and at no extra cost to you, this warranty guarantees the watch will be repaired or replaced by the company free of charge if it proves to be defective under regular use.


Multiple options for multiple moods

When you buy a John Philips watch, you’re not purchasing one style, but the potential to create many styles that will suit any occasion or mood. Each of our watches has a quick release function on both ends of the strap, allowing our customers to change the colour and style of straps where necessary. The process is just a matter of unclipping both ends, swapping out the straps and then clipping it back on.
John Philips has a range of leather and mesh straps, starting at just $39.00. This means you can design an almost entirely new watch for a fraction of the price, without having to repurchase the watch body. Alternatively, you can choose to customise your purchase from the beginning with the colour of strap and stainless-steel material of your choosing. Where else would you get such incredible flexibility on style with luxury quality?


Reliable time telling

It’s fair to say; it’s incredibly inconvenient when your watch stops, especially if you’ve only had it for a few months. Unlike most watches that are built with Quartz movement, John Philips watches have a 6P29 Miyota movement, allowing for a battery life of 3 years compared to the standard 2-year battery life of Quartz movements. If a whole year of new watch life doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about a multi-function watch with three sub-dial complications - one for the day, the date and a 24-hour indicator, all under a single crown? (This essentially means the watch has three extra faces). You’re getting more out of your watch with new battery life, how good is that!


Surviving the wear and tear of daily use

Now, what good is a watch if it can’t handle constant use and becomes easily scratched, faded or torn? At John Philips, we use Anti-Reflective Sapphire Glass, which means our watch glass is more durable and twice as hard as standard glass. It also means our watch glass is resistant to scratches unless it comes in direct and hard abrasive contact with a diamond. So, unless your bathing in Diamonds on the daily, your John Philips watch will look brand new each time you wear it.
The Physical Vapour Deposition technology used on our stainless-steel watch bodies is also corrosion and wear resistant. 



5 Year Warranty 

So next time you’re choosing to gift yourself something, choose a John Philips watch, the gift that keeps on giving.
At John Philips, we believe in offering our customers stylish, affordable and timeless watches from an Australian brand you can trust.