John Philips watches are crafted utilising the highest quality materials and components; such as PVD Coated 316L grade Stainless Steel, Anti-reflective Sapphire Glass, Genuine Italian Leather and a highly reliable Miyota Movement. These components offer high strength, durability as well as lasting style and artistry, that is why all our timepieces are backed by a 5 Year Warranty.

What you receive from John Philips is a quality timepiece crafted with no compromise that will stand the test of time.



Anti-Reflective Sapphire Glass

Using Sapphire glass means our watch glass is more durable and twice as hard as standard glass. It also means our watch glass is resistant to scratches unless it comes in direct and hard abrasive contact with a diamond. 

Benefits of Sapphire Glass:

  • The material is twice as hard as a standard glass and nearly as hard as Diamond.
  • Sapphire Glass is resistant to scratch unless it comes in direct and hard abrasive contact with a Diamond.
  • The material is not only hard but also very strong, about ten times stronger than stainless steel - making it less prone to shatter.
  • Resistance to thermal shock - Sapphire Glass has an extremely high melting point of 2030 °C.

PVD Coated Stainless Steel

Physical Vapour Deposition provides a lifetime of protection from daily activity and adds durability and value to our timepieces. Traditional electroplating of brass, nickel, and gold finishes require a clear coat that degrades with time and can easily tarnish or corrode. PVD requires no clear top coat that might fade or become dull. 

Benefits of PVD technology:

  • Superior Wear Resistance
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Brilliant Decorative Finish
  • Will Not Chip, Tarnish or Fade

Genuine Italian Leather

The beauty of our leather straps speaks for itself. The fine grain texture of the leather combined with a clean no stitching look gives our straps a gleaming and silky finish which greatly compliments our beautiful case.

Our straps are also handcrafted with care and precision with the highest quality materials to ensure that they are comfortable and stand the test of time. The raw materials used in making these straps also undergo strict standard and quality control to ensure that only the finest quality material is used.



Quick Release Function 

The advantages of having a quick release function on both ends of the strap (case and buckle end) means that swapping between straps is a lot easier. The process is just a matter of unclipping both ends, swapping out the strap and then clipping it back on. Our goal was to make this process as easy as possible, that way you can quickly modify and adjust your watch based on your attire and style.

Additionally having the quick release function on the buckle means that the only thing being swapped out is the strap, the buckle is reused. This means that customers looking to purchase extra straps for their watches will only ever need to buy just the strap, which will be a lot cheaper than buying the entire package (strap and buckle). 

Miyota 6P29 Movement 

 The 6P29 Miyota movement allows us to have a multi function watch with three sub-dial complications - one for the day, the date and a 24-hour indicator, all under a single crown. Another advantage of the movement is that it has a standard battery life of 3 years compared to the standard 2 years battery life of Quartz movements.

The most attractive feature of the watch, however, is the fact it is very easy to use. The crown can be pulled out to two positions, therefore setting the day or date is as easy as pulling the crown to the respected position and rotating.



5 Year Warranty 

Our watches undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they are on par with the exclusive luxury brands and meet international quality standards. In fact, we are so confident with the quality of our watches that each timepiece is backed by a 5 Year Warranty. If anything was to happen to the watch during this period, the watch will be repaired or replaced by the company free of charge, if it proves to be detective under normal use.